Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Basic Grey Card Kit May 2013

This is card #1. Follow the background instructions, except leave 1/8" of the white card base exposed all the way around. (I always do this because it frames the card.) Adhere the "Cute as a bug with a rug" sticker to green paper. Lightly adhere the red/white circle sticker to the green paper. Cut away the excess green paper that extends beyond the red/white circle sticker's outer edge. Adhere the 2-1/2" orange cardstock circle to the 2-1/2" chipboard circle. Adhere the bug circle to the orange circle. Adhere the multicolored circle sticker to the card front. Adhere the bug circle to the center of the multicolored circle sticker. Adhere one wiggle eye to the bug with a rug. I finally just got that... bug with a rug... he has a hairpiece.

This is card #2. I just chose different stickers for the front. I substituted the red dotted border sticker for the green diagonal border sticker because it shows up better. I chose to use the red polka dot pennant sticker and the "Tough as Nails" sticker on the following card, not on this one. It seemed more appropriate on the super hero card below.

This is card #5. I cut my card base a little smaller because I didn't like all that white space. My card base is 6-1/2" x 10", then fold in half. Follow their background instructions. I added a couple more pennant stickers to the upper left. I turned the black scallop sticker upside down, and I cut off the eraser on the yellow pencil sticker. I added white stitch lines above the yellow pencil sticker. I added the "Tough as Nails" sticker. I popped up the "super" sticker.

This is actually card #7. Call me crazy, but I don't think a rosette should be on a boy's card. Besides, this beetle sticker was too cute to pass up! Follow their background instructions, leaving 1/8" of the card base exposed. Locate the orange cardstock rectangle. Adhere the "May I have that crumb?" sticker to the orange rectangle, leaving extra cardstock showing at the top, and adhere it to the card front. Remove the top notched part of the white/green ticket sticker. Adhere the ticket sticker to the card top. Adhere a small piece of the green/white scalloped sticker border to the upper right edge of the orange rectangle. Adhere the "adventure" chipboard. Adhere the black cardstock ant. Adhere one wiggle eye to the ant, and two wiggle eyes to the beetle.

 This is card #8, with a few changes. I ran the striped paper the opposite direction. I added a 5/8" strip of green bug paper above the black paper. I added the red polka dot border sticker to the top of the bug paper. I used the "You're a Winner" chipboard sticker because it matches the ticket stickers. I also used the colorful pennants from the garland package.
 The digital elements on this card need to be cut smaller than the directions say or it will be too big for the front of your card. The center brown circle size is fine, but the other two are too big.
This is card #4. I didn't put white stitching marks on the black banner. I didn't use the white ledger banner. The star die cuts and the white/black scalloped circle die cuts are in your kit.
This is card #6. Cut a 6-1/4" x 10" white cardstock base. Fold. Locate the real pocket that I made you. Cut a card from the white ledger paper for your real pocket. A sample card is below. Substitute the polka dot paper for the top of the card. Cut the remaining orange rickrack sticker in half and adhere it to the left and right edge (the pocket will cover the missing part). Adhere the green star pencil sticker to the middle of the pocket. Adhere the pocket to the card front. Adhere the blue cardstock circle to the chipboard circle. Adhere the "5 cent" sticker to the blue cardstock circle and adhere it to the front of the card. Thread the green square chipboard button with hemp and adhere. Adhere the star sticker.   
2 Bonus Cards that I designed for you: 
Cut a 4-5/8" x 12" white cardstock base. Fold. Cut a piece of the green bug paper and adhere to the card front leaving 1/8" of the white cardstock base exposed. Cut a 2" strip of blue diagonal stripe paper and adhere across the center of the card. Lightly adhere the scalloped ledger frame sticker to a piece of light blue alphabet paper. Cut away the excess blue alphabet paper that extends beyond the scalloped frame's edges. Adhere this scalloped circle to the center of the card. Add black stitching line with a .08 pen. Assemble frog by adhering arms to body, then head to body. Tuck light green cardstock circle under slit in belly. Cut off any excess light green cardstock that shows at the bottom. Chalk frog's cheeks with red chalk. Adhere frog to center of circle. Thread plaid chipboard button with hemp and adhere. Adhere green push pin sticker.

Cut a 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" white cardstock base. Fold. Cut a 4" strip of red/orange stripe paper and adhere to the top of the card. Cut a 1-1/4" strip of red paper and adhere to the bottom of the card. Cut a 1-3/4" strip of the white number paper and adhere just above the red paper. Adhere the red cardstock buckles to each side. Add black stitch lines to the top portion of the card with a .08 pen. Add white stitch lines to the bottom portion of the card. Locate the rocket ship pocket and the brown rectangle of cardstock. Fold the rocket ship pocket on the crease lines. Insert the brown rectangle. Turn the pocket over and adhere the pocket flaps to the brown rectangle, adhering the side flaps first, followed by the bottom flap. Adhere pocket to the card front. Adhere brown" ticket" sticker to white rectangle and insert into pocket. Adhere blue cardstock star to chipboard star. Adhere star to pocket front (top point of star should extend a little past the pocket edge. Adhere red cardstock circle to center of blue star. Thread rocket chipboard button with hemp and adhere to red circle.

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